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    The body, the hands, lead the way. Its important to touch fabric and actualize feeling and thoughts. A feeling that makes me start to crochet with a light lilac color, in a circle, growth. A feeling that directs my thoughts towards a pink, glittering sequin fabric and ways to attach it to the crochet so that it grows out of the crochet, continues outward into the environment, a feeling that weaves together systems of concrete, crocheting and woven fabric. It is challenging to compound opposite kinds of materials, a search for equilibrium and tension at the same time. The strength of the delicate and the fragile appears in an interplay with severity in various forms and severity also has its delicate, fragile aspects. With the concrete, the moher silk yarn, the woven fabrics and the brick wire I try to create harmony, to find a delicate balance.

    Wool and silk yarn, scale textile, steel wire and concrete

    2020 Glittering. The Factory Art Exhibition 2020, Djúpavík